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Read about Anamilena

Originally from Colombia, South America, Anamilena was introduced to the world of the arts and crafts at an early age. The colorful culture and geography of the country took her on a natural inspirational trip. Anamilena started developing a taste for creativity around the women in her family who were always engaged in the creation of something, dresses, flowers, ornaments, paintings and all kinds of highlighting life objects.

Wishing to engage in the art scene, Anamilena started taking a painting class in 2007 when she was already a resident of the Bay Area. She became a regular student with different instructors and techniques encouraging her to experiment with several mediums. Anamilena practiced painting still life and landscapes, and animal portraits as well, but she is currently in love with paper collage and considers this her favorite kind of art. Anamilena's collages are created by imagination and the figures and shapes she finds in magazines. "They are usually an idea in my mind that develops as I find new materials and patterns to add to them until I feel I have transferred my idea to the canvas".



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