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Creating a Floral Collage - FaceBook Live event, May 28th, 2020 6p PT

Updated: May 14, 2020

One hour guided virtual session where participants will create a floral theme paper collage.

It's time to get creative! This week "Concord Live!" on May 28, will feature artist Anamilena Ayala, who will be hosting a FREE Collage Class, themed "Creating a Floral Collage" for the City of Concord, sponsored by the Concord Art Association. Check out her work at;

Material List:

- Glue: School/Elmers glue will work ( Needs to dry clear)

- Scissors

- Scrap paper: such as newspaper, tissue, wrapping, magazines, any bright color paper you have.

- A firm surface to work on such as canvas, cardboard or wood. (any size close to 6”x6” will work, used canvases with paint on work great )

- Old brush: for the glue

- Small container to pour glue in. (Good to have a container with water to dip the brush in but not necessary )

- One thin sharpie/marker, or any other permanent pen of any color

Good news, art just happens to pair well with both red and white wine! Be sure to checkout #ConcordEats, before the class and pick up a bottle of wine from one of your local favorite restaurants/wine rooms.

#ConcordEats LINK:

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